Ask any business owner and they will tell you the challenges they face just keep coming.  At times, it can feel like their day at the beach has turned into a rogue wave marathon.  They spend all their time swallowing salt water and fixing their swimsuit, while giving their crew a “thumbs up” and declaring everything is fine.  (“Yeah, no, I’m good!  I’m good!”)

And the waves keep coming.

Supply chain interruptions we all thought were temporary have evolved into permanent supply chain realities.  Without fresh approaches to warehousing and distribution, some companies will continue to struggle.

For companies whose services are delivered by skilled tradespeople, the lack of qualified candidates to fill these jobs was a difficult challenge just a few years ago.  Today, it is a serious existential threat.

So sure, there may be some good reasons why service has slipped in businesses these last few years.  But unless you’re selling excuses, things have to change.

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